Disappearing Roads EP and Logan Square Arts Fest

I'm proud and excited to release Disappearing Roads this Friday, June 15th! This EP (I think we're calling it an 'EP' just because there's only four pieces...but it's 47 minutes of music - much more than many 'albums'...I digress...) is a compilation of tracks from a residency at The Whistler in January of 2017 and features some of my all-time favorite collaborators: Dave Miller (guitar), Rob Clearfield (keys), Matt Ulery (bass) and Quin Kirchner (drums). 

The Logan Square Arts Festival is happening June 22-24 and JDQ will play at 2:15 on Sunday the 24th. This festival has become quite the party - tons of great music, food, art and vendors are there. If you live in the neighborhood you'll probably see all your friends there. I hope you can come check us and the fest out!


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